Operating & Monitoring

PC-CSŪ was developed, in order to operate and monitor different automation systems directly with a personal computer. Some of these systems are:

PC-CSŪ is availible with different configurations:

For all, who "only" want to monitor their process, we have a special Viewer version of PC-CSŪ. The Viewer is identical to the full version, with the exception of the following points:
  • there are no password levels
  • operating is not possible
  • there is no acknowledgement possibility for messages
  • no archive data is produced

Otherwise the Viewer does not have restrictions in relation to the full version, i.e. no limitation of the pictures or number of parameters or something similar.

The project-data of the full version can be loaded by the viewer.

Through the operating system Windows (NT, 2000) maximum user friendliness is ensured for the operating staff, since the user interface is standardized in Windows programs. Also, through Windows multitasking, simultaneous execution of multiple programs is possible.

At the development of PC-CSŪ we oriented ourselves in many aspects towards the existing OS 265 system, so that migration from OS 252, OS 254, OS 265, OS 520, OS 525 or WIN-CC to PC-CSŪ is easily possible. Also PC-CSŪ is divided into FRANZ, NORA, MELD and KURV.

The largest difference between PC-CSŪ and the OS occurred, where the emulation of the OS 265 system would have impaired the efficiency or the performance of PC-CSŪ.

Because of Windows and the use of a standardized data format a very high portability of the data exists, so that all information, which is on the CS-275 and/or PROFIBUS system, can be passed on to superordinate systems (central server, data acquisition systems, etc.).

The handling of PC-CSŪ is in the planning and design phase, the same as in on-line operation, menu-led and designed as multi-window-system. This makes it possible that e.g. message windows, curve windows and control panels can be simultaneously shown in a process picture and positioned freely, whereby the functionality of each window remains.

The change from on-line operation to the construction dialog or vice versa was accelerated by a multiple with PC-CSŪ, compared to the OS systems. Also the time needed for the construction of a process picture is substantially shorter with PC-CSŪ.

To give you the responses for substantial questions in advance, we arranged a list with FAQ.